Stream Shadows - 20" x 24"

The painter Robert Henri (1859-1929) advised:  "Paint life as it is, especially its back yards." I try to follow his advice and paint the ordinary, the common-place, in an appealing way. My paintings are not complicated, they require no explanation or interpretation. Most of my work is done on location in an attempt to reveal the patterns formed by natural shapes of fields, trees, streams and shadows. It may be the rugged farm houses with their old barns and outbuildings that  recall an ordinary but harder way of life. Side streets, alleyways and houses in small towns and villages also appeal to me, things we all look at but don't always see.  Don Grieger

"Artists are sometimes asked,
"Why do you paint ugly and not beautiful things?"
The questioner rarely hesitates in his judgment of what is beautiful,
and what is ugly. Beauty, he thinks, is a settled fact. His concern is that
beauty rests in the subject, not in the expression. He should, therefore,
 pay high for Rembrandt's "Portrait of a Gentleman," and then turn 
in disgust from "A Beggar" by Rembrandt."

Robert Henri